American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier
American Folk Artist
Nancy Rosier

Rosier Period Art
Designs by Rosier, LLC - Doing Business As Rosier Period Art
Offering Unique hand crafted museum quality Theorem Paintings, executed with the use of
stencil and mounted in hand grained painted frames by Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg, Virginia

Each Theorem Painting and Grained Frame is handcrafted by Nancy Rosier

Peacock Painting by Trading Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

The Zoar Ohio Folk Art Show - July 28th & 29th, 2018

The Artist's Corner - Upcoming Shows / Articles / New Additions

My next show will be at Zoar Ohio. The show date is July 28th and 29th. Click Here to learn more about the Zoar American Folk Art Show.

Click Here for Single Rose Theorem that was featured in Early American Life!

If you want to contact Nancy just CLICK HERE

Video Taping at Colonial Williamsburg by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Theorem Painting Exhibit now Open at Colonial Williamsburg

As a contemporary folk artist specializing historically based theorem painting many years, I am very excited to share the news that Colonial Williamsburg has just opened a long term exhibit on theorem painting in their art museums.  I was asked to contribute to the exhibit by participating in a video being shown on how I paint a theorem. It is a vanishing art form, learn what it is. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Twisted Bird theorem reproduction close-up

What are theorem paintings?

Theorem painting (meaning painting with the aid of stencils) is considered traditional Americanfolk art. It was popular in the 1800s. Theorem painting is most often done on white velvet fabric (Paintings on Fabric), which gives the painting a soft, lovely depth. Oil paint is presently used as it simulates the look of the antique theorems whose paint was hand mixed. Fruit and floral arrangements are the most popular subjects, but scenes were sometimes done.

Nancy Rosier painting theorem at the Waterford Virginia Show

Theorem Painting Is True American Folk Art

Theorems are unique, traditional folk art. Nancy considers herself a true folk artist because she is self-taught. She has learned her craft through studying antique theorems and reproducing them. Nancy now offers over 200 different theorem designs of which over 90 are featured in our online galleries. Nancy does both contemporary designs and historic reproductions.

Many of Nancy's theorems can be traced to finishing schools in New England. Since most of the theorems found in American museums were not signed or dated.

Nancy Rosier cutting stencil

Theorems Are Not Prints - Each Theorem & Frame is Hand Painted

Everyone has prints. Theorem paintings are not prints.

Theorems are oil paintings on eggshell colored velvet. Each painting is hand painted by the artist with the use of a stencil. They are not mass-produced.

Nancy Rosier grained frames on the drying rack

False Grained Frames - Another Traditional Decorative Art

To have total artistic control over how Nancy’s paintings are presented, she has learned several traditional decorative art techniques she uses to paint the handmade frames for her theorems. Each frame is hand painted with a base coat and then a overlay of colors. Graining can be done with terry cloth, feathers, fingers, or a corncob.

The price of each theorem includes the hand painted false grained frame.

Early American Life is a wonderful magazine that supports the American Folk Artist

Early American Life Magazine - Wonderful Support of American Folkart

Nancy has been selected each year for over twenty years as a member of the nationally acclaimed “Directory of Traditional American Crafts” which showcases America’s finest artisans who are dedicated to preserving the early American crafts. See Early American Life write-up on Nancy by just Click Here.

For more information about Early American Life magazine please click on the following links:

The Early American Life Magazine website -
Directory of American Craftsmen 2005 - 2009 -
The Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen 2009

The December issue of "Early American Life" has a wonderful article on theorem painting. Nancy's work was highlighted as one of the few contemporary artists.

Antique reproduction of historic old theorem painting Aurora at Dawn painting by Nancy Rosier Portage Bridge Painting American eagle design by Nancy Rosier

Theorem Lady Liberty was painted for the White House Christmas Tree by Nancy Rosier

Lady Liberty

Nancy Rosier provided  theorem paintings to the Williamsburg Lodge

Williamsburg Lodge

Nancy's Theorems Are In Some Wonderful Places

White House Christmas Tree

ncy’s work was among the few artists asked to contribute their art to decorating the Christmas White House during the Clinton administration. The Christmas ornament was based on Nancy Rosier's Lady Liberty Theorem.

You can see an exploded view of Lady Liberty by clicking on the picture shown to the left.

Colonial Williamsburg - Lodge & Gift Shops

Nancy has been commissioned and provided Colonial Williamsburg with thirty-three large paintings, which hang in the public and private spaces within the Williamsburg Lodge.

Please visit the Williamsburg Lodge Gift Shop to see Nancy's theorems on display or at the gift shop at the Dewitt Museum. While you are at the Dewitt Museum stop by the Abby Aldrich Museum and see the historic theorems that are on display there.


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