Oil Paintings
on Cotton Velveteen Fabric


About This Painting
This floral painting is a reproduction of an old theorem painting. As is typical with many of the old theorem paintings the flowers are in an ornate vase which sits on a green base. You will also notice butterflys in the corner of the painting. This painting was added to Nancy's collection of over 200 paintings in 2014.

This floral painting is based on a museum piece. The ornate decorative basket has just wonderful detail. The flower are very soft looking and being painted on fabric gives it a soft look.

About Theorem Paintings
This mourning picture is done on cotton Velveteen fabric with the use of a stencil.

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Floral Still Life - Museum Reproduction
Adaptation by Nancy Rosier

Museum reproduction of a  floral painting by Nancy Rosier

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Description: Floral Still Life Painting - Museum Reproduction
Number: 219
Price: $425
Glass Size: Glass Size: 16"x20"
Frame Size: 19"x23"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Gold Frame - Typical of old theorem paintings