Oil Paintings
on Velvet

About Theorems
This theorem painting by artist Nancy Rosier is an adaptation of a museum line theorem.

Each painting is hand painted by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier.

The painting shown on this page is done on a cotton velveteen fabric, in oil, with the use of a stencil.

As with any theorem painting shading and overlays of colors are the key to the soft look associated with a painting on fabric.

Theorem Paintings were popular in this country between 1810 - 1860, and are considered true American Folk Art. 

Museum Reproduction Theorem
Adaptation by Artist Nancy Rosier

 Museum Quality Theorem by Nancy Rosier

Traditional Theorem Painting by Nancy Rosier




Description: Historic Collection
Number: 112
Price: $425
Glass Size: Glass Size: 16"x20"  Frame Size: 20"x24"
Frame: Brown Swirled Frame