Oil Paintings
on Velvet

About The Painting
The "Horse and Flag" is a theorem painting designed by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier. Great colors.

About Theorem Paintings

This theorem is painted on cotton velveteen with the use of stencils.

About The Frame
There are two frames pictured on this page, black with gilded block corners and the second frame is blue with swirl graining.

Both the frame and theorem are hand painted by Nancy.




Horse and Flag Theorem Painting
Design by Artist Nancy Rosier

The Horse and Flag theorem was designed by Nancy Rosier.  The black frame with bronzed corners really highlights this theorem


Testimonial: Hi Nancy,
yes the theorem arrived safe and sound. It has a nice location in my living room of my 1791 Farmhouse. I am going to attend the January show at Valley Forge. Doug



Description: Horse With American Flag Theorem Painting
Number: 13
Price: $125
Glass Size: Glass Size: 8"x10"  Frame Size: 12"x14"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Black Frame with bronzed block corners
History: Design by Nancy Rosier