Oil Paintings
on Velvet

About This Painting
This theorem is based on a historic old theorem.  The blue colors in the vase highlight the flowers.
The colors in this floral painting are soft but look great in the blue vase.

About Theorems
As with any theorem it is a stencil art form painted in oil on a cotton velveteen fabric.
Theorems are true American Folk Art and were often created by young ladies as part of their finishing school studys. Most of the old theorems were not signed or dated but could be traced by the pattern created by a New England school.  

This painting also comes in a hand painted grained frame.



Blue Vase With Flowers Floral Painting
Reproduction by Nancy Rosier

 Museum design, adaptation by Nancy Rosier.  This is wonderful theorem.  The flowers have that soft look and would be wonderful in any setting.



Description: Blue Vase With Flowers
Number: 162
Price: $285 plus shipping
Size: Glass Size: 12"x14"  Frame Size: 151/2" x 17 1/2"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Black Frame with Bronze Corners