on Cotton Velveteen Fabric


About This Painting
This theorem is a historic design with a twisted bird hanging over a basket of fruit.
This theorem is very colorful and a great addition to any home.

About Theorems
As with any theorem it is a stencil art form painted in oil on a cotton velveteen fabric.
Theorems are true American Folk Art and were often created by young ladies as part of their finishing school studys. Most of the old theorems were not signed or dated but could be traced by the pattern created by a New England school.  

Early American Life
This theorem was featured in the December 2009 issue of Early American Life. The article is titled "Side by Side Theorem Painting" by Gregory LeFever.
This is a great way to learn about the art of theorem paintings as true American Folk Art.

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Twisted Bird
Museum Reproduction
As Featured in Early American Life

Twisted Bird over a basket of fruit theorem was from a museum collection

Please note the shading of the fruit and bird hanging over the basket
Notice the shading and detailed work offered on this theorem. Nancy Rosier does three different colors on just the fruit alone. Overlays of color is the key.


Description: Museum Reproduction - Twisted Bird over Basket of Fruit
Number:  179
Price:  $285
Glass Size:  Glass Size: 12"x14""  Frame Size: 16"x18"
Frame:  Poplar
Graining:  Black Frame glided gold corners
Shipping: Since each theorem is hand crafted please allow four to six weeks for shipping (unless theorem is in stock).  You will be contacted by phone or email on estimated ship date.