Oil Paintings
on Velvet

About This Painting
This theorem was selected by Colonial Williamsburg from a theorem Nancy created for a mirror. The original theorem was small so Nancy enlarged it to a 16" x 20".

More Information
Five of these theorem can be found in the Williamsburg Lodge which just re-opened in December of 2006. This is a great theorem and has everything from animals, tree's, ponds, and a house.

Landscape Theorem Painting
Design by Nancy Rosier

Theorem Painting by Nancy Rosier designed for Colonial Williamsburg



Description: Landscape Theorem Designed for Colonial Williamsburg
Number: 202
Price: $425
Size: Glass Size: 16"x20"  Frame Size: 20"x24"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Black frame with Bronzed Block Corners
History: Nancy's Own Design