on Cotton Velveteen Fabric


About This Painting
This mourning picture was designed & executed by theorem painter & American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia.
This theorem is Nancy's own designed but is based on the mourning pictures display in the Abby Aldrich collection in Colonial Williamsburg.

About Theorems
This mourning picture is done on cotton Velveteen fabric with the use of a stencil.

Mourning Picture Theorem
Design by Nancy Rosier

Mourning picture designed by Nancy Rosier based on some museum designs



Description: Mourning Picture Theorem Painting - Original Design by Nancy Rosier
Number: 218
Price: $285
Glass Size: Glass Size: 12"x14"
Frame Size: 16"x18"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Black Frame with Gilded block corners