Oil Paintings
on Velvet

Design by Nancy
Nancy designed this theorem
with birds, flowers, tree branches, mounted in a wonderful grained frame. This theorem painting is very colorful and makes an excellent addition to any room.
The bird in tree theorem is mounted in a hand grained frame.

About Theorems
Each theorem is hand painted on cotton velveteen with the use of a stencil. This is a traditional art form that was popular between 1810 and 1860 in this country. The fabric gives the colors a wonderful soft color.

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Birds in Tree Painting
By American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

 True American Folk Art by Nancy Rosier.  Birds in flower branch housed in a basket container.

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Description: Birds in Tree (Nancy's Own Design)
Number: 63
Price: $295
Size: Glass Size: 12"x16"  Frame Size: 16"x20"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Yellow Swirel Grained Frame
History: This is my own design. This painting really came together with flowers, butterflys, historic birds, in a basket container.