Oil Paintings
on Cotton Velveteen


This painting of the Portage Bridge is based on a lithograph found in the museum at Letchworth Park NY and a oil painting found in the museum at Colonial Williamsburg Virginia.
This theorem is adaptation of the Portage Bridge created by artist Nancy Rosier.

This painting is done on a cotton velveteen fabric, in oil, with the use of a stencil. This process is called theorem painting which is a true American Folk Art. Theorems were very popular between 1810 & 1860.

The frame is gold but is also offered in a grained frames.

This theorem is very special for Nancy & Bill Rosier since this is where they got engaged many years ago.

Portage Bridge Poster!

Portage Bridge Poster

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Portage Bridge Painting
by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Adaptation of Oil Painting found at Colonial Williamsburg

 Portage Bridge Painting  - Letchworth Park - Upstate New York by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

This theorem is an adaptation of a Portage Bridge lithograph by Onken's Lithograph company, 1853, painted by Ed Bayer. The museum at Letchworth Park NY describes this lithograph as follows - One spring day in 1858, a steam train slowly approached ahuge bridge six miles from the town of Nunda. Spanning the gorge between Wyoming & Livingston counties, the wooden spider web appeared suspended in air, 234 feet above the Genesee River. The train slowed down for the bridge and Letchworth hopped off to explore the gorge for the first time. This Lithograph print shows the bridge before it burned in 1875.



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Description: Portage Bridge Painting - Adaptation by Nancy Rosier
Number: 214
Price:  $600
Glass Size: Glass Size:18" x 26" Frame Size: 22 1/2" x 30 1/2"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Corncob Grained Frame
History: Originals found in Abby Aldrich Museum Colonial Williamsburg VA and the Museum at Letchworth State Park upstate New York