Oil Paintings
on Cotton Velveteen


Twisted Bird Painting
The "Bird Over a Basket of Fruit" is part of Nancy Rosier's museum reproduction collection. This theorem was used as a teaching aid during in the 1860's for young ladies in finishing school.

About Theorem Painting
This theorem is painted on cotton velveteen fabric, with the use of stencils. The paint is oil which is similar to what was used in the 1810 - 1860 time frame.

False Grained Frames
The frame is a grained frame which is also painted by Nancy Rosier.

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Twisted Bird Painting Over a Basket of Fruit
Adaptation of a Museum Theorem by Nancy Rosier

The Bird Over a Basket of Fruit is from Nancy Rosiers historic collection. 

The theorem arrived today as you stated, and it is absolutely beautiful! I love it! I have hung it up in the spot I reserved and will enjoy this every day!
Gregg (GA)

Your paintings arrived here this afternoon in good order. They are as well executed and charming as I had hoped they might be. The authenticity of each piece will make it quite easy to blend them into our Americana decor where they will be at home with antiques and indistinguishable from period pieces. I hope to acquire a few more of them. Thanks very much for these lovely period reproductions. Rob - Mahwah, NJ - 2013


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Description: Twisted Bird over a basket of fruit Painting
Number: 43
Price:  $285
Glass Size: Glass Size:12"x14" Frame Size: 15 1/2"x17 1/2"
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Black frame with Block Bronzed Corners
History: This theorem is part of the Abby Aldrich Collection in Colonial Williamsburg